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Welcome to Om-Services - one of the UK's leading web design companies. Our websites are created to stand out, generate leads, and rank well on Google - ensuring you get a great ROI. Oh, and with our custom Engine CMS, you can edit your website in a breeze - no "hard-coding" here!

What Makes Us Different?
Your new website is designed to increase business. We'll help you create a website that looks amazing, works brilliantly, is easy to update, and ranks well on Google.

Easy In-House Editing

Our Engine CMS makes changing your website a breeze! You won’t find any “hard-coding” on our websites – your site is built to be flexible to your needs.

Built for Lead Generation

Having designed and built over 200 websites, we’ll guide you on exactly what works and what doesn’t. Our sites are specifically designed to generate more leads.

Made for Search Engines

Our websites are built and optimised to be 100% Google friendly. Using the very latest SEO techniques, your new site is sure to be a search engine success.

Basic Starter

Select one of our stunning template websites designed for startups and new businesses
From £ 650
  • Choose from dozens of premium templates
  • 5 pages
  • Ready in 2 weeks
  • Easy to change content
Best value


Lead generating, high-performance websites to fuel your business growth!
From £ 3,500
  • Built and optimised for lead generation
  • Proven above-average conversion rates
  • Optimised for search engine performance
  • Easy to edit and update in-house

Search Engine Optimisation

Lead generating, high-performance websites to fuel your business growth!
From £ 595 per month
  • Get found by people looking for your services
  • A 24/7 Google presence
  • Increase website traffic
  • Monthly progress tracking
Years in Business
Happy clients


Designing a new website for your business is a big decision, so to give you confidence, we created the Love Your Website Guarantee.

It’s as simple as this, if you don’t love your new website and we can’t come up with a design you agree on, we’ll give you your money back.

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