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To get the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, we’ve invented a strategy for web-design that’s based on cutting edge design, consumer behaviour, data science, and the latest tech.

Don't Waste Another Penny on A Website that Fails to Get Results!

Are you constantly wasting money on websites that don’t perform? The truth is it’s not how stylish your website looks that determines your success, it’s the strategy.
We’ll help you unlock the true power of Google and create a website built to attract and convert the right kind of leads for your business. A high-performance website is so much more than an online brochure; it’s a powerful lead machine!


Our web design process combines cutting-edge design with psychology and data science, to ensure maximum engagement with your users and a world class conversion rate.


Using the very latest white-hat SEO techniques and Google-approved strategies, your new website is built for maximum search engine performance – making it easier than ever for new customers to find your business online.

Enjoy Painless Editing

Your new website with our incredible Engine CMS; one of the most advanced visual editors on the planet! With our custom CMS you can update content in a breeze – no coding skills needed! Your site is created for superior reliability, so you won’t have to worry about breaking it either!

What Makes Om-Services Website Special?

Explore under-the-hood of our sites to see what makes us unique


Cyber-attacks are a growing threat to websites. We deploy industry-leading security features to keep your website safe from hackers.

Signature Effects

We’ll bring your website to life with our signature web effects, such as fixed backgrounds, videos, entrance animations, and motion graphics.

Social Media Integration

Want to embed your social feeds? Auto share your blog posts? Or integrate Mailchimp? Our connected sites will help you grow your social network.

Ultra Fast Hosting

Our revolutionary LiteSpeed hosting offers unrivalled speed and reliability, meaning your site won’t go down if you get a sudden influx of visitors.


Your new website is built to conform to the latest web standards, including W3C compliancy, GDPR, and SCA compliance for e-commerce.

Time Based Content

Boost engagement by showing your visitors different content based on the time of day, relevant to their current activites and mindset.

Search Engine Optimisation

Designed with search engines in mind, your new website is built to tick all of Google’s boxes, using only the latest white-hat techniques.

Custom Functions

Want to sell online, integrate a booking system, or build a custom cost calculator? Our sites are hand-made from scratch, so anything’s possible!


We offer in-depth reporting & analytics, to help you continuously optimise your website, gather invaluable insights, and ensure a great ROI.

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